Group registration at Science Center Spectrum

If you plan to visit Science Center Spectrum with a group of ten or more people on a weekday between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, you need to register your group here prior to your visit. Group visits in the afternoons and on the weekends do not require prior registration.

This registration process helps us to avoid long cues at the ticket counter and the cloakroom. You only need to indicate your time of arrival, once you arrive you can stay as long as you like during opening hours.

The calender will only show available time slots, which are indicated in green. Please click on the calender month, so that you can see all available days. Each time slot allows a group registration for a maximum of 35 people. Unfortunately it is not possible to distribute remaining slots among a larger group.

For groups bigger than 35 people please choose more than one time slot. For example: A group of 60 people arriving at 10:00 am:
→ Register 35 people at 10:00 am and 25 People at 10:15 am.

By processing your group registration we transfer your information to Science Center Spectrum. By submitting your registration you agree to the transfer of your data and to our > Data Use Policy.

> To registrate your group please follow this link.