Ständige Ausstellung Film, Marlene Dietrich, Foto: Hans Scherhaufer, Quelle: Deutsche Kinemathek

Guided Tour

Costumes and props, photos, scripts, sketches and outlines of decorations and models, cameras and footage from films – film history is brought to life by a wide range of different objects in the Permanent Exhibition Film. In ten rooms, the Museum tells of the beginnings of German cinema, of early stars and classics (e.g., DAS CABINET DES DR. CALIGARI and METROPOLIS), of the golden era of German cinema during the Weimar Republic, and its misuse under National Socialism. The exhibition depicts the situation of German filmmakers and artists living in exile, and on their return after the war. A central theme of the exhibition is Marlene Dietrich’s estate.

For groups:

Guided tour in English or Spanish
90 min, 90 €
120 min, 110 €
Plus 3 € admission per person
Max. 20 participants

For school/student groups:

Guided tour in English or Spanish
90 min, 75 €
120 min, 95 €
Plus 2 € admission per person
Max. 20 participants

You can book tours on the following topics:

  • - Marlene Dietrich
  • - Women and Emancipation in early German film
  • - The Film City Berlin
  • - German Film during the Weimar Republic
  • - National Socialism and Exile – Film and Filmmakers 
  • - Propaganda und Censorship in Film
  • - Animation and Film Technology

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Legetrick: Bild für Bild zum eigenen Kurzfilm. Quelle: Deutsche Kinemathek

My own Animated Film
Stop-Motion Techniques


Making your own animated film doesn’t have to be difficult! After a short introduction into how moving images and different animation techniques work, participants develop their own script for a cartoon and turn it into a film. They create it frame by frame using a two-dimensional technique called cutout animation, as well as a light box and a digital video camera. Each group will be sent a DVD with their cartoon per post. All workshops are conducted by trained instructors. You may also combine this workshop with the tour “Animated films and techniques”.

For groups and school groups:

Workshop in English for groups of up to 10 participants
180 min, 150 € 

Workshop in English for groups of up to 20 participants
180 min, 300 € 

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Ständige Ausstellung, „Metropolis“, Foto: Marian Stefanowski, Quelle: Deutsche Kinemathek

Trick and Technique

Guided tour

What makes images on television and in the cinema move? When did images start talking and what animation techniques were first used? During a guided tour through the Permanent Exhibition Film, young visitors are given the answers to these and countless other questions related to cartoons and animation techniques.
The tour begins with the pioneers of German film. It then moves through the early years of German cinema, and explains the beginnings of sound film. How to manually animate single images is demonstrated on film classics like METROPOLIS.
This specially developed tour for children gives them an opportunity to touch hands-on-material and grasp how things work. This can be combined with the tour "My own Animated Film".

For groups:

Guided tour in English for groups and school groups
60 min, 50 €
Plus 2 € admission per person 
Ages +8

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