Flur in Baracke 13, DZ NS-Zwangsarbeit Berlin, Britzer Straße. Foto: DZ NS-Zwangsarbeit, Hoffmann

The last well-preserved former Nazi forced labor camp is located in Schöneweide. In the Second World War it served as one of the more than 3000 collective accommodations dispersed throughout the city for forced labourers. The Nazi Forced Labor Documentation Centre opened in the summer of 2006 on a part of historical grounds that once belonged to the camp and which are today protected as a monument. Since August 2010 the well preserved "Barrack 13" is open to the public during guided tours.

In May 2013 the permanent exhibition "Forced Labour in the Daily Round 1938 - 1945" opened its doors. Recently a second permanent exhibition was opened: "Between two Stools. The History of Italian Military Internees 1943 - 1945". It shows the fate of a rather unknown group of forced labourers, the Italian Military Internees.

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