The museum, on the grounds of the former Anhalter freight station, invites to an eventful journey of discovery through the cultural history of technology. Among other things, there are exhibitions on rail transport, paper and textile technology or shipping. Since the beginning the collections have focused on the connection between people and technology.

One of the highlights is the Zuse 1 calculating machine, the replica of the first computer created by the inventor Konrad Zuse himself. But also the Raisin Bomber, which hangs on the outer facade of the building, appeals to visit the museum.
The twelve-hectare museum park contains the historical brewery, functioning windmills and the water wheel of a forge. 

German Museum of Technology

Trebbiner Straße 9
10963 Berlin

> +49 30 902 540

Opening hours

Tuesday–Friday 9am–5:30pm
Saturday–Sunday 10am–6pm

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