Zuschnitt: Philippe Van Snick, Dag/Nacht, 1984 – fortlaufend / ongoing, Installationsansicht Eingangstor

Behind White Walls
Workshop for school groups

Who or what are KW? Just a random old building? A (dream) factory? A cozy garden to chill out in? What traces of time does one find and why are they here? Where is the history behind the architecture? In this workshop, the students will explore together with playful, creative and interactive exercises how people, crises, changes, and ideas
that have inscribed themselves into the KW building and the neighbourhood of the Scheunenviertel over the past centuries. On the basis of a common search for traces, the participants can bring themselves, their own stories and what surrounds them into a resistant exchange with the history of the place. The aim of the workshop is to introduce the institution and the history of the area
to children and young adults of different ages and to enable an individual approach through artistic approaches and group work.

  • Workshop for school groups
    in English & German
    120 min, 90 €
    plus admission, free up to 18 years of age
    max. 20 participants
  • Booking
    > +49 (0)30 247 49 888