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Spandaus Treasures

The Palas of the Zitadelle has housed the archiv of the »Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau« for 40 years. The exhibition »Spandau’s Treasures« provides insights into the history and diverse collections of the archive, which extend far beyond 1983 from the Middle Ages to the present day. Among them are documents of the Brandenburg Margraves, old seals and coins, magistrate’s files, but also diaries, photos and albums, historical maps and plans, newspapers from 1849 to the present, as well as audio and film material. All these archival documents bear witness to the long and special history of the people of Spandau and protect them from being forgotten. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in Spandau’s history at interactive stations and in workshops. They can playfully test or expand their knowledge, become a chronicler, practise historical writing techniques or create a newspaper.

  • Workshop for groups
    in German
    90 min, 122.50 €
  • Workshop for school groups
    in German
    90 min, 107.50 €

  • Booking
    > (+49) 30 247 49 888

  • Public Workshop:
    in German
    03.01.2024, 3pm
    07.02.2024, 3pm
    03.03.2024, 3pm