Zuschnitt: Simone Fattal, Vous avez fait un paysage moral exact, 1977, Öl und Pastell auf Leinwand / oil and pastel on canvas

The Assault of the Present on the Rest of Time. Artistic Testimonies of War and Repression

In the joint exhibition the Brücke-Museum and Schinkel Pavillon show historical and contemporary positions. Works from the 1930s by Johanna Schütz-Wolff or Felix Nussbaum open a dialogue with contemporary artists such as Simone Fattal or Dana Kavelina. The history and the complex entanglement of the two institutions mark the starting point of this cooperation. The Schinkel Pavillon is located in the garden of the former Kronprinzenpalais, which housed in the eraly 20th century one of the world’s first public collections of avant-garde art – until the National Socialists confiscated the artworks as »degenerate«. Some of these defamed works found their way into the Brücke-Museum, founded 30 years later. How is the individual experience of state violence translated into artistic practice? What characteristics are immanent in art from wartime? The group exhibition focuses on the complex moment of witnessing. In this way it also documents current hotspots of conflict and repression, which Berlin is not unaffected by.

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