As a public service of the non-profit organization > Kulturprojekte Berlin, the Museumsdienst Berlin works in close cooperation with 12 Berlin-based museums, exhibition halls and memorials. Museumsdienst Berlin offers visitors a broad spectrum of guided tours, workshops and other learning programs in various languages and formats. The Museumsdienst is available to provide comprehensive information about exhibitions, museums and guided tours suitable to your individual or your groups interests.

Museumsdienst Berlin was officially founded in 2011 following the consolidation and extension of three previous organizations providing educational programs and guided tours in Berlin: FührungsNetz (since 1998), Abenteuer Museum (since 1980) and MuseumsInformation Berlin (since 1998). Working in close collaboration with over 200 trained museum guides, facilitators and experts such as art historians, historians and museum educators, the Museumsdienst performs and develops learning and educational programs for its partner institutions. Museumsdienst Berlin provides more than 10,000 education, lerning and outreach events to over 170,000 guests annually.