We offer education, outreach and visitor services for 13 museums in Berlin and provide services for a diverse program of events and information about more than 200 Berlin institutions. Call us +49 30 247 49 888 or E-Mail.

The work we do reflects our years of experience in the fields of education, mediation and care for visitors at the point of interaction between museums and the public. We are delighted to have successful working partnerships with various cultural institutions, which have been established through years of co-operation, and an extensive network of links within the museum and cultural landscape in Berlin. We foster the spreading of culture, literature, film, music, history, technology, sciences, architecture and history - in a way that is true to life and in accordance with specific needs.


We offer guided tours of various exhibitions for children, young people, families, school groups and adults, which are tailor made to fit individual requirements. Tours in other languages, workshops, discussions, talks by experts, courses, tours for blind and deaf people and tours for teachers are all available. We work with approximately 200 aides, all of whom are volunteers. They all have higher education qualifications in their respective discipline and have been trained and certified as museum and city guides. They put themselves forward to work at specific exhibitions and are chosen by the organising partner.

Information Service

Museum Service Berlin is a centralised telephone info-service, providing comprehensive information about more than 200 Berlin museums, memorials, castles and archives free of charge, in German and English, every day. In addition, we undertake responsibility for the information, advice and booking service for museums and exhibitions, as required or in part. Twice a year we look after the lines for the Long Night of Museums and, with this experience, we organise the telephone service for special exhibitions, theme years and festivals, like the 5th Month of Photography for example. 

On-site Visitor Service

For the exhibitions we are involved with, we also organise a visitors' service. We are there to greet visitors on site and are also responsible for the co-ordination of the trip, ensuring everything runs smoothly and that the visit is an enjoyable one.

You can find out about our program here